Personal injuries often times occur for any number or reasons, not always because of the fault of another motorist. In many instances, personal injuries result from the fault of the legal entity (City, Parish or State) that is responsible for maintaining the roadway and providing a safe driving environment. The entity responsible for maintaining the roadway can breach it’s responsibility to the motoring public in many ways including: failing to properly construct the roadway or failing to properly maintain the condition of the roadway such as defective shoulder conditions, failure to remove debris or foreign objects, failure to repair potholes, and failing to properly control the traffic on the roads with adequate signage, lights, and other warning devices.

For years, Simon Law Offices has represented individuals and families of those injured or killed because of defective roadway conditions. Our first priority is to investigate each and every case to gain all the relevant facts to determine the cause or causes of each accident. We investigate the car accident, talk to witnesses, inspect the vehicles involved, and examine the scene and roadway of the auto accident for further information. Because of our extensive experience in handling roadway defect cases, we have access to numerous experts that are indispensable when it comes to proving the nature of the roadway defect. You can rest assured that when you hire Simon Law Offices, your case will receive a very thorough investigation. Simon Law Offices handles all types of roadway defect cases that occur on all public or private roads, bridges, highways and interstates.