Simon Law Offices continues the tradition of providing superb legal representation in medical negligence cases having successfully obtained the largest jury award of its kind in the history of the State of Louisiana resulting from the wrongful death of a child after being administered Infant’s Tylenol.

The attorneys at Simon Law Offices are actively litigating medical negligence cases throughout the State of Louisiana. We handle most medical negligence cases including nursing and hospital negligence, pharmaceutical and medical hardware, product liability cases, wrongful death and injury cases due to medical negligence, improper diagnosis, defective medical products, botched surgical procedures, defective hip implantation and other violations of the appropriate standard of medical care.

Beyond the legal talents and trial advocacy skills of the attorneys at Simon Law Offices, another valuable resource utilized by Simon Law Offices and which contributes to making our medical negligence practice so uniquely successful is our relationship and collaboration with bona fide medical experts available to evaluate medical negligence and assist in navigating through the complex issues customarily involved in medical negligence cases. Clé Simon, owner and president of Simon Law Offices, works closely with numerous medical experts in all medical negligence cases.

Medical negligence cases involve complex medical issues. The stakes are much too high to entrust your potential medical negligence case to just any lawyer or law firm. Simon Law Offices has a proven track record of extraordinary success in medical negligence cases. You have a choice, please choose wisely.