Auto Accident Lawyer in Lafayette La


Personal injury is generally defined as an area of law concerned with restitution and compensation to persons who have wrongly suffered injury or death. The cornerstone of personal injury law is the legal requirement that one who causes injury or death to another is obligated to repair the harm caused. Because it is not possible to wave a magic wand and restore a person’s pre-injury bodily integrity, the law contemplates monetary compensation as the only remedy.

Our commitment and dedication to the Lafayette community and citizens of Louisiana has made personal injury an important part of our practice, just as it was for my father, Minos Simon, when he first opened his law practice nearly 75 years ago. It has been said that the more things change the more they stay the same. Such can be said for the continuation of the extraordinary legal services long ago established by my father, Minos Simon. As champions of the rights of all persons and the pursuit of human dignity and respect, our family tradition of providing legal services to all in need has had a profound impact in the field of personal injury law and earned the respect of fellow attorneys who often seek our assistance in handling their cases. You are entitled to the same dedication and same measure of legal services. Please feel free to call for a free consultation. As part of the fabric of our local community, we welcome the opportunity to help restore your life.