Products come in many shapes, sizes, types and varieties and are used every day by consumers, workers and health care professionals. Oftentimes, products contain hidden defects that can cause serious injury, death or disfigurement. Manufacturers are legally responsible for the defects inherent in the products they manufacture. Whether because of a defect in design, composition or failure to provide an adequate warning, injuries and death do occur as a direct consequence of such defective products. Simon Law Offices handles a broad range of product liability cases and has been extraordinarily successful in the pursuit of protecting consumers. One of the more challenging cases in which Simon Law Offices was involved resulted in the largest jury award of its kind as a result of the death of a child after being administered Infant’s Tylenol, prompted the Louisiana legislature to take steps to regulate the ability to purchase Infant’s Tylenol as an over the counter medication and has served as a landmark case with national implications. Notably, Infant’s Tylenol is no longer manufactured in the same preparation as before. Countless lives have been saved nationwide as a result.

Whether because of a defective drug, defective automobile, defective ATV, defective industrial machine, defective appliances or defective medical device or implant, retaining the services of Simon Law Offices is as simple as making one phone call. Make the right call, call Simon Law Offices today.