Every case is different, both in terms of the facts and injuries. As such, no two cases are alike. The following is only a sampling of the countless number of cases we have handled over the many decades we have been helping restore the lives of our fellow citizens statewide:

$7.6 Million*

Jury verdict in product liability/medical malpractice case. Largest jury award of its kind at the time in the history of Louisiana for the death of an infant. Death caused by overdose of Infant’s Tylenol. Nationwide implications. Resulted in the removal of the product nationwide and the reformulation of the product to a safer concentration. Untold and countless number of infant lives saved across the country.

$2.25 Million*

Settlement of case involving rear end collision on Gloria Switch Road in Lafayette, La resulting in injuries to neck and back. 

$1.5 Million

Settlement with hospital for unlawfully refusing to accept patients’ health insurance and instead attempting to force patients to pay. Untold and countless number of patients statewide spared from potential financial bankruptcy.

$1.3 Million

Judgment for injuries resulting from altercation with individual employed by sheriff’s department. Injuries included head injury. Fully recovered from all injuries.

$1.2 Million

Settlement of case involving rear end collision occurring at Ambassador Caffery intersection resulting in injuries to neck and back. .

$1 Million

Settlement of head on collision case involving husband and wife. Various injuries including fractured ribs, arm and head trauma.


Settlement of elevator malfunction case resulting in knee injury.


Settlement of auto accident involving intersectional collision at intersection of Ambassador Caffery and Robley Dr. Neck and back injuries. Prior history of depression, carpel tunnel and prior neck surgery 12 years previous.


Settlement of rear end collision case on Hwy 14 while attempting an unlawful passing maneuver. Husband and wife injuries included neck and back.


Settlement of case involving medical malpractice. Failure to monitor glucose level resulting in overdose of insulin causing death.


Settlement of rear end collision case on Doc Duhon Road resulting in low back injuries.


Settlement of highway defect case involving substandard shoulder. Multiple claimants with various injuries including death.


Settlement of case involving falling merchandise improperly stacked in a grocery store. Clients had various injuries including neck.


Jury verdict in case involving collision with sugar cane truck. Injuries consisted primarily of fractured leg.


Settlement of trip and fall in restaurant/lounge resulting in broken ankle. Poor lighting, defective design of entry way including unmarked step. Claim included consortium claims of husband and children.


Settlement of medical malpractice claim resulting in death. Failure to monitor resulting in patient removal of endotracheal tube that lead to unnecessary suffering and death.


Police brutality case against sheriff’s department.


Settlement of auto accident case resulting from roadway defect including potholes and substandard shoulder in curvature of road. Injuries included fractures and burns to upper and lower back.


Settlement of offshore case involving injury to low back. Deck hand injured performing lifting maneuver.


Settlement of Jones Act Seaman case involving leg injury while working on a vessel.


Settlement of medical malpractice case involving failure to diagnose normal pregnancy resulting in terminated pregnancy.

*Includes judicial interest. Results may vary depending on case.