Natural and manmade disasters seem to be common place these days. It is impossible to prepare for most disasters regardless whether man made or an Act of God. When disasters occur, it can be difficult to see beyond the immediate loss and damage. In addition to the emotional toll, you need help understanding the steps that will lead to recovery and rebuilding.

Simon Law Offices handles cases resulting from disasters and the unlawful insurance claims practices of the insurance industry. In the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Simon Law Offices represented an entire coastal development, various families, businesses and individuals and provided the legal representation needed to navigate the complicated insurance claims process and recover the compensation owed from the insurance providers. Unlike most firms, Simon Law Offices did not join in any class action but litigated each case individually and recovered for every client not only for the damages sustained but legal penalties and attorney fees resulting from the unlawful claims handling practices of the insurance industry. At Simon Law Offices, we recognized that nothing less than full recovery would be acceptable in order for those affected by the disasters to rebuild their homes, businesses and lives. Whether the result of a natural disaster or manmade disaster, call Simon Law Offices to determine your legal rights.